About Us

About Us

EB-5 Select is an initiative that arises from the latent need that the U.S. government has focused on, which consists of helping people to immigrate to the United States through the use of the EB-5 residency visa.

Eb5 Select was born from the need to give the end user, an information, communication and sales channel that is not only easy to use, but also provides in depth all the tools needed by the client when making their investment. 

This web page fulfills the function of assigning to each user all the information about the project in which he is going to invest, which turns the follow-up into something personalized where the best attention is given to each client and the necessary accompaniment is given to each process.

Andrew Wall is a person who has moved from one perspective to another within the EB-5 ecosystem seamlessly. In the past, Andrew has actively worked with developers, taking a key role in their projects. Working closely with developers, Andrew understands the intricate details of projects and their financial requirements. His experience allows him to provide valuable insights and contribute to the successful execution of investment opportunities.

Additional to this he has the following validations regarding his journey within the EB-5 residency visa world.


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